Breath Holding Spells

by Kelsey Norwood

in Food,Kid Stuff

DID YOU KNOW that breath holding spells are a symptom of anemia? I didn’t either!

When my son gets crying he often breathes out and then doesn’t breathe back in for several seconds. This is a common thing with babies and is called a breath holding spell. I told my doctor about it because he seemed to be doing it more often, like every time he cried rather than just when he was crying really hard.

My doctor said that breath holding spells are a symptom of anemia. Weird, I know! That was the last thing I would have guessed! My doctor said to continue giving him rice cereal because those cereals are fortified with iron and other essential nutrients. She said that as his body’s iron levels increase the breath holding spells will go away.

So continue feeding your baby the cereals to protect against anemia and associated problems. If your baby won’t eat the cereal, ask you doctor about using infant vitamin drops.

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