by Kelsey Norwood

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My son has bit me a few times during the history of our breastfeeding. My trick to teach him not to do that was to jerk him hastily away from my person (reflex, not intentional), say “NO BITING” very sternly, and give him a firm flick on the cheek.

He cried every time as if I had just slapped him across the face, but it seemed to be an effective deterrent from future biting.

I think most babies bite when

  • they’re not hungry and don’t want to eat
  • they’re tired and as they slip into unconsciousness clamp down unintentionally, OR
  • they’re teething and just want to sooth their aching gums

Give him a little flick and a firm reprimand, and he’ll stop, I promise!

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1 Michelle Dawn May 1, 2008 at 2:21 pm

Thanks for the tip :)

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