In generations past most people believed in witches. They believed there were special evil spirits that had given witches magical powers. Lady witches were usually quite old and very ugly.

Witches were supposed to have two meetings a year. The most important meeting was on October 31. They often flew to this meeting on their broomsticks. While they where enroute they had a grand time and often played tricks on others.

When they got to their meeting they conjured up a special brew in a large black pot called a cauldron. Sometimes when they stirred the mysteries potion a wispy cloud formed about the pot. This was supposed to increase their powers of sorcery.

On some occasions the witches had their friends the owls, lizards, bats, and frogs help them do their wizardry.

Maybe when you are out on Halloween night you might see the silhouette of a witch on her broomstick as she flies across the moon!


  • written by LaDawn Jacob


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