Baby Loves Bumbo!

by Kelsey Norwood

in Kid Stuff

My mom and I were talking a few days ago about those Bumbo seats that hold infants safely in a sitting position before they can sit up on their own – they’re similar to a booster chair but without the harness. I had heard of them before but I knew they were kind of expensive given the relatively short time frame that they’re useful. Blue Bumbo Seat

Well, yard sales are really great places to get expensive stuff for cheap! The old saying, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure, is really true. I found a used blue Bumbo baby seat in like-new condition this morning at a yard sale in my neighborhood for $5! These chairs retail for $39.99, and I looked on eBay and Craig’s List to see the average price for a used one, which was around $25. Basically, I got a great deal.

I never would have paid $39.99 for one before today, but my son and I both love it so much that I think it’s worth that price (but only if you can’t find one at a yard sale!). Now I want the little play table/tray attachment that goes with it.

Our Bumbo sitter keeps baby happy and safe so I can get a few things accomplished!

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