Baby Proofing

by Kelsey Norwood

in Kid Stuff

A few weeks ago we purchased our first child safety product: a baby gate. That’s kind of a big deal! We knew it was time when baby was halfway up the stairs after only 5 seconds of being unsupervised. We used to block the top of the stairs with the playpen, but that was a pain to maneuver around in the hallway. The gate is much more convenient. We got the Evenflo kind from Walmart that costs around $10.00 and it works pretty well so far. I think by the time he can knock the gate over we won’t need it anymore – hopefully by then he’ll be able to crawl down the stairs.


We installed our second child safety item this weekend. Our son will be 1 on Easter and he is just so curious and loves to get into everything…so he’s normal I guess. We got the “Safety First” brand of “Wide Grip Latches” at Target for $3.99. They seem to be doing the job so far (keeping the trash in the trashcan and the trashcan under the sink), so I would recommend them if you’re in the market. They’re pretty easy to install says my husband – that’s a blue job in my book so he tackled the project.

Our next item will be something for the knobs on the front of our gas stove. Those little suckers are just trouble waiting to happen…

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