Family Fun

We played some new games this past Christmas holiday, so this week I’m going to share my new and old favorites with you. Later in the week will be two tutorials on how to play Nertz and Canasta, so stay tuned. Those are my two favorite card games, and I hope my video tutorials will […]

Make Christmas Eve a special day by remembering the purpose for Christmas. On Christmas Day, things get so hectic and busy with opening presents and visiting family that the whole point gets forgotten. Christmas Eve is a good day to really celebrate and remember the birth of Jesus Christ and to think of what kinds […]

There is something so sweet about poetry. I don’t know what it is, but when I read a simple poem with a clear message I feel a sense of hope and happiness. It’s that feeling that makes me want to change the world. I think that feeling is another name for the Christmas spirit – […]

Curl up with fuzzy blankets, some peanut butter popcorn, and a cup of hot chocolate to watch a Christmas movie together. A few popular favorites are It’s a Wonderful Life A Charlie Brown Christmas How the Grinch Stole Christmas Elf Miracle on 34th Street A Christmas Carol The Polar Express Mickey’s Christmas Carol White Christmas

Bake cinnamon rolls for breakfast! They are a bit of work, (my recipe is as easy as it gets), but the work is well worth the delicious result. Eat breakfast together as a family while listening to Christmas music. Your family will be ready for a fun filled day together with full tummies and happy […]

Whether your family puts the presents out early or “Santa” brings them late Christmas Eve night, let your older children help you wrap gifts for their siblings or other family members, with the condition that they keep all information strictly confidential. Kids like to share secrets with their parents…it makes them feel special and grown […]

Homemade hot chocolate mix gift bags are a great neighbor gift this Christmas. The mix is easy to make and filling those precious bags and delivering them is a fun activity for the whole family. (I will be tying these with something other than a twisty, it was just the best I could do in […]

Make paper snowflakes and hang them from the ceiling in your children’s bedrooms or put them on the windows. Paper snowflakes are especially nice if it doesn’t snow where you live. ┬áTemplates: Snowflake Diagrams Snowflake Diagram

  If you haven’t already, today would be a good day to put up the Christmas tree! Once the tree is up, the Christmas spirit spreads like crazy. Let the festivities begin! Oh, and don’t forget the Christmas music! And don’t forget the outside! String lights around windows, eaves, doorways, bushes, trees…the more the merrier! […]

If you haven’t already put together an advent calendar, do this today with your family. A simple idea to get you started is to wrap up 25 Christmas books and put them under the tree. Unwrap and read one each night until Christmas. This is a simple, inexpensive, and nearly plan-free way to do your […]