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Okay, so you are classified as a grown-up and have been for some time. Perhaps it’s time to deduct a few years by throwing a party? Not just any party, but a theme party—where you and your guests can act any age and be anyone, even the eternal child, Peter Pan. There are plenty of theme party supply outlets online, such as theme costumes at Here are a few ideas to percolate your imagination:

A Wild West themed party is a great way to let loose some rip-roaring times. Costumes can be anything from saloon girls to card sharps and gunslingers. Let that Annie Oakley inside you come out with a little target shooting. The decorations can include barroom doors, Boot Hill cemetery, and wagon trains. Games can include a variety of card games, squirt gun target shooting and karaoke on the saloon stage.

The Masquerade Ball is tried and true and loved because of the opportunity to be not only dressed up to the max but also to be in disguise. A fun twist on this theme might be to add a little spice by including a mystery to be solved. Mix a little Agatha Christie along with some Beethoven and this could be a hit.

A Roaring 20s themed party is bound to loosen some stuffed shirts, especially if the era decor is fashioned after a speakeasy. W.C. Fields, Charlie Chaplin, or Bonnie and Clyde can supply the bootlegged rum. Whether it’s Candelabras, flappers, long-stemmed cigarettes, make sure to do your homework.

Pirates will never be out of fashion and a pirate themed party will always be a blast. Swords, ropes, cannons and kegs are crucial decor. Monkeys and parrots are optional but highly recommended for added mayhem.

Medieval themed parties are on the rise. Professional jousters and armor-makers are making a mint recreating Camelot settings complete with tournaments. In fact, jousting is considered an extreme sport. You can attend a tournament and ask some of your favorite jousters to perform at your party. What damsel could ever resist a knight in shining armor? Tents, flags, maids and mead will contribute to an unforgettable midsummer’s night dream.

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