Easy Pre-Cooked Chicken

by Kelsey Norwood

in Food


I just got my box of Zaycon chicken last week – 40 pounds of chicken with no added hormones, additives, or artificial ingredients, fresh from the processor.

I’ve used my chicken in lots of different ways:

  • canned – I love having canned chicken on hand, but I still have plenty from the last time
  • flash frozen – Trim the fat off, lay them out separately on a cookie sheet, freeze, and then throw them in a Ziplock bag and grab one or two out as I need them. They defrost so much faster this way.
  • bulk frozen – I’ve thrown fresh breasts into ziplock bags and frozen them that way, not the best cause they’re hard to use when you need them but sometimes this is all I have time for!
  • pre-cooked and cut – Cook it all in the crock pot in batches, shred or dice, and freeze.


I went the pre-cooked route this time. I really need fast, easy to use meat these days for last minute dinners. My meal planning has gone out the window lately…

I cooked 6-8 breasts at a time, put them in the fridge to cool overnight, and then cut them into cubes with kitchen shears. I put about 1 breast per quart-sized Ziplock bag, and tossed them all in the freezer.

The meat is tender, fresh, and so delicious tasting and now so easy to use! I really don’t have to plan too far ahead for BBQ chicken pizza, stir fry, casseroles, calzones, tacos, so many options.

I just hope it all lasts until Zaycon comes to town next…



1 Keri November 20, 2014 at 9:28 pm

Do you like doing it this way better than canning???

2 Kelsey Norwood November 22, 2014 at 11:33 am

YES. But I didn’t used to have enough freezer space. So I would say…if you have the freezer space, this is way better. It takes less time all together than canning and it tastes better and is more versatile. I could totally use it for tacos or in a green salad which I would NEVER do with canned chicken. It’s so tuna tasting. It’s great to have on the shelf for long term storage but this is way better for short term use.

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