Every Parent Should Learn To Paint Kids Faces!

by Boyd

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Hello everyone. This is Boyd, Kelsey’s husband and this is my 2nd attempt at writing a post on Vanillajoy.com. Just thought you should know it was me and not Kelsey.

Every parent should learn how to do one thing—kids face painting. Why? Because it is the only activity that every single kid enjoys (if truth be told, most adults secretly enjoy getting their faces painted too).

Let me prove my point.

What comes to mind when you think of summer? I can hear you saying carnivals, fairs, parades, fireworks, barbecues, swimming pools, and all kinds of sports to name a few. Kids love all of these events but which is there most favorite activity? That may be hard to answer but if you throw in face painting then it doesn’t matter what the activity is or the location—kids will love it!

Kids love to get their faces painted! Have you ever noticed which booth attracts the most kids at a carnival or fair? You guessed it—the kids face painting booth. Not only does every kid at the carnival go to this booth to get there faces painted but many of them go back two, three, even four times. I ran the kids face painting booth during one summer event and it was the only booth that was busy non-stop for the entire event.

Do you see now why every parent needs to learn this one thing? Of course you do, but let me put it like this: you will never forget the look of excitement, joy, and pride beaming through your child’s little painted face when you draw their favorite bug or a rainbow or a soccer ball on their cheek.

Kids want to feel important, in fact, we all do and when you paint that special something on their face they get to show it to their siblings, friends, and anyone else passing by. It is there moment to shine!

Another great thing about learning to paint your children’s faces is that it can be done year round. It obviously is very popular to do in the summer but it is also a hit as an indoor activity. And there is no better way to brighten kids’ moods on a rainy or snowy day than to paint a big shiny sun on their faces.

Now you agree with me about the importance of learning to paint kids faces but I can hear you saying, “I can’t draw”, or “I’m a bad artist”, or “I don’t know what to draw”. Well, those are all legitimate concerns but lets change those statements into questions that lead us to the answers that solve those concerns.

Here I’ll help you:

How can I learn to paint faces and be a better artist? Here’s a resource that I bought that has helped both Kelsey and I. Easy Face Painting ebook.

Where can I find face painting designs? Here’s a few good places that I found. FacePaintingDesigns.co.uk and Painting.About.com

What are the safety issues that I should consider? Painting.About.com has a great article on this subject. Also, the face painting ebook that I bought covers safety issues in detail.

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1 Michelle July 2, 2008 at 1:23 am

I am not very good at drawing at all, but my little sister doesn’t mind. Things like hearts, stars and rainbows are easy for just about anybody! My step-father (who can draw) does an awesome kitty face for her and she prowls around town so proud :)

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