Girls’ Cooking Group

by Kelsey Norwood

in Food

On Tuesday night I got together with a group of my girlfriends for our monthly cooking group. Yesterday was our first time doing it, and it was so much fun! We picked Mexican food as our theme and everyone brought a favorite Mexican dish along with the recipe to share. I took Taco Soup, which I have a really good recipe for! Some of the other dishes were cowboy caviar, chicken enchiladas with white sauce, salsa chicken, and fried tortillas with sugar and ice cream (Yum!). We had a great time trying each other’s food and gabbing the night away.

Next month we’re going to go out to a new restaurant to eat together and then in December we’re going to do soup, salad, and holiday desserts. Having a cooking group with friends is a great way to get to know other women and also get some new recipes. Last night was so much fun; I can’t wait until next time!

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1 Becky Smith September 18, 2008 at 1:54 pm

Another fun thing to do with a cooking group is to make freezer dishes. Each person will make their recipe for everyone in the group to take home and everyone will exchange dishes. Then you have a freezer full of quick dishes to make and get to try a lot of new recipes too!

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