We have a family get together each month to celebrate any birthdays in that month. We usually eat lunch or dinner together and then have some sort of activity. My husband and I were in charge of the March party, and we decided we wanted to talk about how we met our spouses, etc.

My husband’s family has 6 children who are all married, plus his parents, so 7 married couples. Each couple wrote down how they met each other and my husband read them all out loud so the 14 grandchildren could guess who the story belonged to. After they guessed correctly, that couple told their engagement story also.

This was a really great family fun activity to do and I learned a lot about my in-laws. I knew some of the stories, but not very many of them. The kids had a great time also, guessing and learning more about their parents and aunts/uncles.

This guessing game would be great for family reunions or a simple family gathering; we really enjoyed it!

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1 Michelle Dawn March 28, 2008 at 9:15 am

Great idea! I bet everyone shared a few laughs :)

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