Homemade Baby Food

by Kelsey Norwood

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I bought a big bag of carrots from Costco last week after looking through my new cookbook, Deceptively Delicious.  There were a few recipes I want to try that call for carrot puree, so today I finally got around to pureeing them.  I set aside some for my recipes but most of it I set aside as baby food.
My sister told me she made most of her own baby food, but until today I thought it would be a waste of my precious energy.  I actually enjoyed doing the carrots, and I think I could keep making carrot baby food for my son.

I figure I could make about 25 jars of baby food with a bag of carrots that costs around $5.  I buy them at the store for $.48 each so 25 of them would cost around $12.  So making carrot puree for the baby would save me $7…not bad!

I did a spinach puree  last week and that was a major pain.  I don’t think I’ll ever do it again, at least not with the mature spinach leaves.  I had to pull the stem off of each leaf of spinach.  BOO.  Halfway through it I almost quit.  I felt totally  crazy pulling each little stem off, and in the end it only made about 4 cups of puree.  If I ever do spinach again, I’ll for sure use baby spinach that doesn’t have stems.

The carrot puree was super easy.  You peel the carrots, cut off the ends, and chop them into 3 inch chunks.  Steam them for 10-12 minutes and throw them in the blender with some water.  Voila! And I finally found a good use for the old baby food jars.

Yay for homemade baby food!

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1 carrie February 19, 2008 at 8:38 am

I also made much of my son’s baby food, and am a big fan of the DD cookbook. I posted about both of these topics recently: http://watibg.blogspot.com/2007/12/works-for-me-wednesday-secret-veggies.html

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