More Fun With Fabric

by Kelsey Norwood

in Crafts

I’m really into my craft projects right now. I’ve been hitting the blogging jackpot lately with all these awesome creative people’s blogs to give me ideas! I found some cool stuff the other day that I’m definitely going to try.

One idea that I really like (and can’t remember where I read about ) is to frame and display 5 or 6 pieces of extra adorable scrapbooking paper. This would work really well for a child’s room but also a general living space or adult bedroom too.

I love reading the blog of Jessica Jones called How About Orange. A few days ago she wrote about “Things to Make with Fabric.” One of the links in that post was to a page on Martha’s website teaching how to make painted fabric silhouettes to use as wall art.

painted fabric silhouettes

I don’t care for this exact design, but the idea is great! I want to do this in my son’s room – cover a piece of canvas with fabric and then cut out a design with a coordinating fabric and sew it on.

Morgan Moore (I talked about her monogramming pajamas idea yesterday) also makes great appliqués that are SOOOO ADORABLE – you can buy them here. An appliqué or monogram could transform anything from simple to smashing!

cupcake appliquecrown appliqueairplane crab applique

I made this book bag a few months ago and I sewed on a little design of my own creation. I’m going to make another bag using jcaroline’s hobo bag pattern and add a fabric appliqué to it.


So many projects, so little time!!!

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1 Baba August 13, 2008 at 8:56 am

I love doing appliques. Such fun additions to so many projects. Thanks so much

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