What’s In A Name?

by Kelsey Norwood

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So over the last few days I’ve decided that I would like each member of our family to have a name that starts with a different letter of the alphabet. We already have Boyd (my husband), Kelsey (me), and Joel (baby boy) and we have three more names picked out that begin with R, I, and A. So far we’re doing pretty good!

I’ve been thinking a little about how people name their children – it can be a really fun thing! In my family all of our names start with a K or a J, even my parents. We have Ken and Kim (my parents), Keri, Jared, Kelsey, Jamie, Jordan, and Kamron. In the past we have occasionally referred to our family as “Munch-Ken, Munch-Kim, and all the Munch-Kids.” (Get it??? It’s funny because it’s a play on the word “Munchkin“…. hehehe). I don’t think my parents started out with the intention of naming us all that way, but once they figured out what they had started they decided to continue the tradition.

My husband’s parents had only one guideline for naming their children: the names had to be short. My father-in-law didn’t care what the names were as long as they were short! Their names are Kirk, Marcia, Jed, Drew, Jenni, Seth, Boyd, and Mary.

I hadn’t really thought about a theme for our children’s names when we named our first son Joel, but now I think I’m pretty sure I would like them to all start with a different letter. This new thought came to me after finding a post on a blog I like to read called morganmoore.typepad.com. She’s a fantastically crafty woman and my favorite idea of hers is monogrammed pajamas.

monogrammed-pajamas.jpg monogrammed pajamas

You’ll have to go to her blog to read the story behind the pajamas, but basically she made a matching pair for her son and his friend, and each pair had the first letter of their names on the pant leg! I LOVE THAT IDEA! This got me thinking about how much fun it would be to monogram stuff! I’ve decided that I want to monogram our pillowcases, towels, socks, and anything else that might need a label!

I wrote a post a while back that mentioned using colors to designate ownership, but I think I want to use colors and monograms. We plan to have a large family and so having things clearly labeled will really help with the organization of our home. It is important for children to learn to share and not be too territorial about their things, but some items are better off when assigned a single owner, things like socks and towels, etc. So now you can see why I want to give our children names with unique first letters, so I can monogram their things!

Another of my favorite craft resources is jcarolinecreative.com. She has many different tutorials, one of which is how to make fabric appliqués. She even has some stencils to choose from.

I can’t wait to get started with my monogramming projects. SO FUN!!!

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1 Beckie March 23, 2008 at 6:01 pm

I love the idea of having kids with names that start with different letters, but I am the opposite. My nickname is Beckie, but my first name is really Rebecca, my husbands name is Ryan, and we want to keep with the R theme for our children. The girls name was easy to come up with but the boys name is amzingly hard! It is actually an E name and the nickname is an R.

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