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by Kelsey Norwood

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I found some great ideas for Halloween games on this page and thought I’d share them with you! Halloween is not until Friday, so you still have plenty of nights to play these games with your family. We haven’t had a chance to do them yet, but they’re on the agenda for this week. I can’t wait! Here’s how to play two different games:

Put a different item into about twelve white paper bags. Hang the bags up with a strong light behind them to create backlight. Turn out all the other lights in the room and give everyone a few minutes to guess what the ghosts are. Bags should not be touched.

Each player is blindfolded and gets to touch three different objects placed on a table. Depending on what objects are touched, their fortune is told. Objects should be moved around before each person has their turn.

Objects include:

  • A Tea Cup — means an old maid or bachelor
  • A Saucer with Water — a trip abroad is in their future
  • A Dollar Bill — a fortune will soon be inherited
  • Deck of Cards — means business success
  • Toy Car — A romance will begun during an automotive trip
  • Pen — fame through writing
  • Ring — a wedding or engagement
  • Stone — problems will arise, but not difficult ones
  • Cookie — will become successful as owner of a tea room
  • Saucer containing Dried Beans — will indicate the size of the future family
  • Bride Doll — indicates a second marriage

The Noose (this isn’t from, but I saw a picture of people playing and thought it looked like fun)

Tie a string around one donut for each person and then tie the other end of the donut to a curtain rod. Have two people hold the ends up as high as they can so the donuts are dangling down at about the height of the players’ heads. Each player must eat the donut off the string using no hands. The first person to make their donut disappear wins.

Along with bobbing for apples and harvesting corn and beans, two games I posted about last week, you’ll have enough choices to fill an entire evening of fun and games for your family. Have fun!

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