Yummy Giveaway Winners

by Kelsey Norwood

in Giveaways

I’m a day late with these winners – I was in bed all day yesterday with the stomach flu. We’ve been sick a lot at our house so far this winter. I hope we can be healthy from now on!

The winner of the Chex Mix Bars Basket of Indulgence is Jenny, who said, “I could really go for something that is an indulgence about now.”

And the two winners of the KRAFT Singles vouchers are

1. Allanna, who said, “Ooooh … chocolate scented candles and caramel lotion?? Count me in!!  And, hey! I wouldn’t turn down cheese. I love me some cheese! Like *I*’ll get to eat any of it … once I get cheese in the door, my munchkins commandeer it. *sniff, sniff* :P)”

2. Carolsue, who said, “We eat lots of cheese around here, and Kraft is our favorite! The Turtle Bars look good, too!”

Contact me with your addresses (kelsey[at]vanillajoy[dot]com) and I’ll get your prizes sent to you. CONGRATULATIONS!

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