Backover Risks

by Kelsey Norwood

in Kid Stuff

My sister told me about an Oprah show a while ago about a Grandmother who accidentally backed over her son while pulling out of the driveway. This was an eye opening show for me because I realized how many times I get in the car and start backing out before looking. I just assume there’s nothing there because I would have seen it when I was getting in the car.

According to this website, 50 children are injured or killed each week from backover accidents. “There were 474 fatal backover accidents between 2001 and 2006, which represents almost half of all non-traffic fatalities that involved children.” Yikes.

My sister also said they did a little demonstration on the show. They brought an SUV on stage and the grandmother got in. From her position in the driver’s seat, she could not see the 60 children that crew members had placed in her blind spots. 60 children!!! If you can fit 60 children behind your car and not be able to see them, how easy would it be to back over just one?!?

Some things have changed since that show:

  • I put my son in the car and walk around the back to make sure nothing is there.
  • I am more cautious when backing out – I look first and then back out slowly.
  • We have a new family rule: ABSOLUTELY NO PLAYING IN THE DRIVEWAY. That is too risky a place for my children to be playing.

Please be aware of what is behind you, especially when pulling out of someone else’s driveway, and teach your children that the driveway is off limits for playing.

Click here to read more about this Oprah show.

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