A happy memory from my childhood is going on birthday outings with my Grandma. She would take me to lunch at a restaurant of my choice and then shopping to pick out a birthday gift. The birthday I remember best I chose to eat at RAX (which I haven’t seen in years – did they go out of business?) and got a new shirt at K-Mart. That shirt was my pride and joy in the coming school year (my birthday is in the summer).


For your enjoyment, here I am wearing my outfit as an 8 year old in 1992.  I’m not sure why my mom came to school to take a picture of me, but I’m obviously not happy about it – EMBARRASSING!!!  Happy memories…

Having happy memories from your childhood is really important – those formative years really set the stage for our lives. Having relationships with extended family members is also really important to the identity of a child because that helps them to feel connected to the world and part of something important.

Extended family relationships can be difficult, but they are really important for children. Grandma (or Grandpa) dates are a great way for children and grandparents or other extended family members to spend one on one time with each other and develop that relationship and connection. This has been a great tradition in my family of origin that will continue with my children.

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