Better than Saturday Morning Cartoons…

by Kelsey Norwood

in Shopping


This summer I was visiting my sister in Seattle and her husband came home on Saturday morning with a box full of treasures, all for only $1. How is that possible, I wanted to know. Two simple words: Garage sale.I know it can be kind of embarrassing to rifle through other people’s junk and actually want some of it, but a deal is a deal (and it’s really true that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure, cause I didn’t buy a bit of junk, only treasures!). After that, I went to garage and yard sales every Saturday morning for the rest of the summer and I got some great deals. To name just a few, I bought a bunch of toys for my son, a Bumbo seat, gobs of practically brand new children’s books, some sewing tools, scrapbooking supplies, and a large painting; All at a fraction of regular price!

Now that summer is over, I am really missing my Saturday morning deal-finding. I can’t wait until next summer!

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