Book Talk: A Million Dots by Andrew Clements

by Kelsey Norwood

in Making Good

a million dots andrew clements

This book is so cool! It’s a kid’s non fiction book that shows you what a million dots looks like , with some interesting facts about the nature and the world on each page. Here are some of my favorite facts from the book:

  • The sun has a diameter of 864, 948 miles – wide enough to fit 109 Earths.
  • An average person’s heart beats about 700,000 times a week.
  • Three ordinary wooden pencils can draw a line 554,000 feet – more than 100 miles! – long.
  • A sooty tern can fly nonstop for 87,600 hours after it leaves the nest – that’s 10 years on the wing!

Each illustration is made up of dots – by the end of the book you have seen 1 million dots!

WARNING: Counting all dots is not recommended.


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