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At my book club last week, conversation rolled around to Disney movies. One of the girls there said that Disney has a lifetime guarantee on all their movies, so if one of your Disney DVDs gets scratched or broken you can mail it in and they’ll send you a brand new one, even if the […]

Reading Series Part I: Reading TO Children Reading Series Part II: Reading WITH Children Reading BY Children This stage of reading development comes after your child is a successful and frequent reader. Set a time once a day or week that you sit down as a family and have a family reading time or let […]

Reading Series Part I: Reading TO Children Reading Series Part III: Reading BY Children Reading WITH Children As a child is learning to read, reading to him is still vital but reading with him is also essential. Take turns and listen to each other read. A benefit of reading together is that you’re able to […]

Reading Series Part II: Reading WITH Children Reading Series Part III: Reading BY Children Last summer our family went to a lecture by Dr. Brad Wilcox at our library to learn about reading. He taught us some really interesting things about why reading to kids is important and also how to get kids to enjoy […]

The other night I was at my monthly dinner group and a few friends were talking about Apparently there is a website where you can open an account and invite friends and share book recommendations. Have you ever heard of a more brilliant idea?!? As soon as I got home I signed up and […]

Radio West is a radio talk show that I sometimes listen to while I’m out and about, and on Wednesday (1/30) they had writer Caleb Crain on to talk about an article he wrote for the New Yorker Magazine on literacy and books. I only caught the last 15 minutes or so of the interview […]

While I am concerned about the environment, I would not call myself an environmentalist. I believe that the resources on the earth are meant for our use, but that we must be conservative and wise in our consumption. As in all things, moderation is the key. I do consider myself to be a resourceful and […]

Many aspects of the public school system concern me and have encouraged me to search for educational alternatives for my children. I have one son who is not yet of school age, but the time to research and discover alternatives is now so I can prepare for whatever my decision happens to be. Our home […]

My sister recently told me about a series she started reading called “His Dark Materials,” by Phillip Pullman. She told me she liked the first book but just emailed me recently rescinding her recommendation after finding out some disturbing information about the rest of the series. Apparently Pullman has used these books to promote his […]

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” –William Arthur Ward Each night for the last several months my husband and I have taken a few minutes before bed to write down something that we’re grateful for or something that happened that day to let us know that […]