I was delighted to be asked by BlogHer to share this Almay-sponsored video series, ‘Different Occasions. Different Looks. Always Pretty.’ In this video, find out how you can get Kate’s Weekend Wear Look!”

Almay is sponsoring a new video series, “Different Occasions. Different Looks. Always Pretty” and BlogHer asked me to share it with you! Watch this first video to find out how you can get Kate’s Date Night Look.

Seriously Pinterest??? How about showing me a birthday cake I can actually make.  Sheesh. This is how I do birthday cakes: I cut a template with my Cricut using plain white cardstock – Gus wanted a doggy cake so I found one in the Create a Critter cart and cut it out to fit the […]

Elliot has been begging me for months to make him some footed pjs and when I found this pattern his wish came true. Amy Hindman is the brains behind Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop and the very cute and creative blog, Naptime Crafters. Her Classic Footed PJs pattern is the first of her many patterns I’ve tried, and the pattern […]

I struggle to come up with gift ideas for the same people every year and every year I rely on gift guides and internet recommendations. This year I found some great ideas on BlogHer. For my son’s kindergarten teacher? This blogger suggests asking her what she needs, offering to wrap some of her Christmas presents, […]

I have been working on jazzing up my table-top decor over the last few months. On my most recent trip to IKEA I found some goodies! My colors must be way in right now because I was seeing them everywhere! 1. SOCKER Vase – $12.99 – comes in a set of 2 (the larger one […]

LEGO has been a favorite brand for my family for decades, and my kids love LEGOs just as much as my brothers did when they were young. Building toys are so classic and LEGO has really perfected the art of building play with their products. This new line, LEGO DUPLO Read & Build, combines the […]

Okay, so you are classified as a grown-up and have been for some time. Perhaps it’s time to deduct a few years by throwing a party? Not just any party, but a theme party—where you and your guests can act any age and be anyone, even the eternal child, Peter Pan. There are plenty of […]

Pin It This is officially my best Valentine’s Day creation ever. I’m printing one for myself today. Happy Valentine’s day everyone!

As we unearthed all our Christmas decorations this year I realized we had a stocking crisis. There are now 5 people in our family and we only had 3 stockings and they were hideous. The only solution to having cute, personalized, and coordinating stockings for our whole family was to make some! So it went […]