*TUTORIAL* Native American Dream Catcher Wall Decor

by Kelsey Norwood

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how to make a dream catcher

I had a hard space on my wall to fill and one day, as I was thinking back to my elementary school days, I remembered making dream catchers. I don’t know what happened to mine, but I remember thinking it was the most beautiful thing I had ever made. It probably was… I was 8…

I looked on Etsy to get some ideas, headed to JoAnn, and picked up the supplies:

  • 2 gold metal craft rings in different sizes
  • Suede lace
  • Artificial sinew
  • Gobs of different trims
  • Beads

dream catcher native american tutorial

I watched a few YouTube videos to refresh my memory on how to weave the dream catcher web. It was very easy and didn’t take long at all – attaching all the trims and deciding how to arrange them all took much longer.

dream catcher wall decor

That bead in the center is supposed to represent a spider on the web and the whole idea is that the web will catch the bad dreams and the good ones will go through the hole in the middle. It’s a beautiful tradition. I absolutely love dream catchers, I plan to put one above each of my children’s beds.

dream catcher decoration

Choosing trims and beads was the best part – I bought 2-3 yards of 10 different pieces and tied them to the hoop.

dream catcher trim

dream catcher artificial sinew

Dream catchers are so easy and fun to make, check out the two my boys made.

Sweet dreams!

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