Coupons on Clearance Items

by Kelsey Norwood

in Shopping

One of the best ways that coupons save you money is using them on clearance items. I have had the most success with this method at Target.


For example, one of Target’s coupons last week was $1 off 11-oz. or larger M&Ms candies. Target sold some pink and white M&Ms for Breast Cancer Awareness month in October. Since October is over, Target has put the M&Ms on clearance. I used my coupon and paid $1.22 per bag of M&Ms; another screamin’ deal!!!

Target also has many of their bath/beauty products on clearance. I get lots of these types of coupons in my Sunday paper, so I just keep my eyes peeled for things that I need that are on clearance and that I have a coupon for.

To review. Try to combine as many of these things as possible in your coupon shopping:

  • items you need that are
  • on sale/clearance that you
  • have a coupon for

Happy Shopping Saving!!!

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