Online Coupons

by Kelsey Norwood

in Shopping

So far in my limited experience as a coupon clipper, I’ve found that online coupons offer great savings.  Many of the Sunday paper coupons require that you buy 2 items to get $1.00 or something like that, which really doesn’t save you very much money, especially on those expensive name brand items.  Also, you can only use one coupon per item purchased.

Internet coupons don’t always say “limit one item or offer per coupon,” which means you can increase your savings per item.  It is also easier to find internet coupons for only those items that you already buy, eliminating the temptation to buy more in order to save more.

So far I have found two places that offer great online coupons:

  • (click on the “Special Offers” link at the top right of the page)
  • (click on the “Super Target Coupons” link at the bottom of the page)

You can sign up on for a weekly coupon offer.  This is the one I got today and I’m going to Target later this afternoon, where this item is on sale for $.88, to use it.  That means I will end up paying about $.54 for each one.  Because I need to buy baby food anyway, this is a screamin’ deal! gerber-coupon-11607.jpg

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