Go Green with Home Depot

by Kelsey Norwood

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I’ve always been environmentally conscious in a “waste not, want not” sort of way, and now there’s so much more individuals can do to “go green,” with all the new eco-friendly products available.

We do all the normal things to be more environmentally friendly-keep lights and water off as much as possible, change our air filter regularly, keep the temperature moderate in cold and hot weather, use Energy Star appliances, and use more efficient light bulbs. In the past we have put plastic up around our windows to keep the heat in in the winter months and save on heating expenses.

But there are definitely more things we could do around the house to be even more environmentally friendly, and I’ve gotten some more ideas searching for “energy efficient” products on The Home Depot‘s website.

I found some inexpensive, eco-friendly products there that would definitely reduce our environmental impact, save us money, and not be time consuming or complicated to implement:

  • GREAT STUFF foam sealant ($4-$7): an insulation spray made specifically to seal off windows and doors, gaps and cracks, big gaps, and fireblock (insulates between floors and electrical components and slows the potential spread of fire)
  • weather stripping
  • window insulation kits
  • window and door caulk

Another way we try to be more environmentally friendly around the house is to produce less trash-recycle as much as possible, use reusable grocery bags, reuse old clothing and anything else, and most of all, avoid purchasing processed and pre-packaged foods. Contributing less trash really takes a lot more thought and work than you might think, and trash piles up fast. For our family, being trash-conscious is a huge way we try to be more green.

So why all the effort to be more environmentally friendly? My reasons may be unusual, but I am a religious person and personally believe that God created this earth for us, his children, to inhabit and with the gift of this beautiful earth comes a responsibility to take care of it. To me that means conserving where I can and being a wise steward of the water and energy we have. To me, the old “waste not, want not” adage says it all when it comes to our earth, the environment, and our future.

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