Infant Temperament

by Kelsey Norwood

in Family Fun

I learned a valuable lesson while at Disneyland in December. Our son was not very happy and was crying more than normal, I think because of all the newness and not being able to crawl around on the ground and play like he’s used to. My husband and I were grumpy because our son was grumpy, and our grumpiness made our son even more grumpy!

On our last night there we were waiting in line to go on Peter Pan’s Flight. I was irritated and sick of the lines and all the people and not being able to get where we wanted to go because the parade was going on. Our son was being fussy and screaming and we were just miserable.

I realized that our attitude was probably affecting our son and making him more irritable and fussy. Right then we decided that we needed to be cheerful despite all the frustrations we were experiencing. Immediately I noticed a difference in our son’s behavior and temperament. He became pleasant and happy as we were focusing on being cheerful.

I totally believe that the parent’s temperament affects the baby’s temperament. If your baby is being extra fussy and irritable, examine your own temperament to improve your attitude and see how that affects your baby. It works!

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1 Melissa January 24, 2008 at 6:00 pm

I think a child’s ability to sense their parents’ moods and overall emotions is amazing. They’re so tiny, and yet so perceptive! Often when my son is cranky, all I need to do is look at my own attitude to see why. Thanks for a great article submission to the Having Patience carnival today! Cheers!

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