My Family Friendly Movie Picks

by Kelsey Norwood

in Education, Media, & Literacy


Before we had kids, my husband and I decided that we wanted to be very selective about the movies our family both viewed and owned. We decided that we only wanted to own movies that are family friendly and appropriate for most everyone. We feel that sexual content is the most offensive and inappropriate, so we watch movies that have as close to no sexual content as possible. Sexual content has become a part of almost every movie, even PG movies, so finding movies without it is difficult, but not impossible.We like to keep the media entertainment in our household consistent with our family values. Like I said, owning and viewing only family friendly movies is not impossible, but it is difficult and requires having the fortitude to turn the movie/program off once it has become sufficiently inappropriate. (As a side note, although G rated movies make tons more money, production companies choose to keep making R rated movies; not a very wise business decision, in my opinion.)

SOooo, VanillaJoy has a few family friendly movie recommendations to share. These are movies that we feel are appropriate for most everyone. (Having TVG broadens the options for family friendly movies quite a bit. We have TVG and language is therefore not a problem for us in these movies. However, some of these movies may contain inappropriate language that I am just not aware of because TVG blocks it for us. If you have TVG all of these movies will be appropriate for your family to view.)

Chronicles of Narnia
Nanny McPhee
Bridge to Terabithia
Indiana Jones
Star Wars
Superman Returns
Pirates of the Caribbean
National Treasure
Pride & Prejudice (2005 and A&E Versions)
The Princess Bride
Harry Potter (1-5)
The Sound of Music
Singin’ in the Rain
State Fair
The King and I
My Fair Lady
Meet Me in St. Louis
On the Town

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