Respect the Blade

by Kelsey Norwood

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respect the blade

Well…that may be a bit dramatic…but I did cut off a good chunk of my left index finger. Completely OFF.

I was cutting fabric for a quilt, like I’ve done dozens, maybe even hundreds of times. I must have looked up for a split second – my blade slipped up over the ruler and took off the top/corner of my fingerĀ like butter.

It happened so fast, there wasn’t a single drop of blood on my blade. And the corner of my finger, with some fingernail, was lying there on the table and my finger was bleeding like crazy. (Here are pictures, if you like gore.)

Later that day, after I got home from the doctor, I bought a gypsy gripper so this will never happen again.

Rotary blades are sharper than I ever imagined – learn from my carelessness: RESPECT THE BLADE. Be careful!


1 jengd April 16, 2014 at 6:04 pm

I just had a look at your gory photos- impressive job you did on yourself there! If it helps, I 1. sanded the tip of my finger off in 8th grade shop (using a belt sander, hand slipped off of my project, ring finger tip met belt sander.) 2. Gouged my hand with a linoleum cutting blade in art, 10th grade. 3. Made a cut on my index finger similar to yours with an utility knife, New Year’s Eve, 12th grade while working on a toothpick bridge for Physics class. The knife glanced off my finger nail and didn’t take the skin off but I had a nice flap of skin to tangle with. Finding a doctor open on NYE (at least in rural areas in the late 80’s) was a trip. :) I was supposed to go down to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor for the evening with friends but it was rainy and the cut was bad. The nurse said I wouldn’t need stitches but definitely a tetanus shot. I was ok with that but the whole situation and knowing the evening was off hit me and I burst into tears. The poor nurse thought that I was that upset about the shot. My mother had to stop laughing/consoling me before she could explain it. :)

2 Brooke May 5, 2014 at 9:52 am

Oh my goodness! I just saw the pics! I would have screamed. The things we do for a craft project… :)

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