The Easier, More Accurate TB Test

by Kelsey Norwood

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I certainly am grateful for modern medicine helping me keep my little ones healthy and well, but truthfully? Going to the doctor is one of my least favorite things. I hate taking my kids to the doctor for lots of reasons – they’re always sick or hurt, so that’s no fun. But more than that, it takes forever. It’s also expensive. And I never know if the doctor is really concerned or just placating me with medications, etc.

All that stuff stresses me out, but the tip of the iceberg is the waiting which is why I think the new TB blood test sounds absolutely fabulous.

Tuberculosis is an uncommon disease in the United States but extremely common worldwide. Every 3 seconds a new infection happens and 30% of the world’s population is infected (data from  Someone dies of TB every 21 seconds.


I have three brothers and all three of them served foreign proselyting missions for our church in Chile, Canada, and Russia, respectively. They were required to be tested for TB before they left and after they returned home.

When I heard about the new TB blood test I asked my mom what her experience was with the traditional skin test that was available at the time my brothers needed to be tested. She said it wasn’t too bad except she had to take each of them to the doctor to get the skin test and then again for the nurse or doctor to assess the reaction on their skin. That’s two doctor’s visits! In just a few days!

She said it was the worst. Especially the time that life was crazy and my older brother got the test but then had to be back in college in another state before they could get back in for the doctor to assess the reaction.

Two visits! Gah.

Plus, the skin test was completely subjective and entirely open to visual interpretation. It was definitely not a cut and dried yes or no and that was a little stressful too.

The new TB blood test eliminates all of those concerns and inconveniences.

  • It’s efficient
  • It’s accurate
  • It’s objective

It’s a simple blood test – 3 ml of blood is drawn and sent to a lab for testing. They call with the results and that’s it! One visit and you get an accurate, objective result.

There are lots of reasons to get a TB test besides returning from a foreign country – maybe your child is leaving home to go to college or maybe a child has a compromised immune system and the infection risks are greater.

Whatever the reason, testing for TB is now easier and more accurate than ever. Check out more information about the TB blood test here and STAY HEALTHY!





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