Organizing Tip #4: Analyze

by Kelsey Norwood

in Making Over

Organizing Tip #1: Plan
Organizing Tip #2: Sort
Organizing Tip #3: Strategize
Organizing Tip #5: Attack


As you go through your house, notice where clutter collects and focus on finding a solution for those areas.

We had a mail issue. Paper causes organization problems for most people. We pay our bills upstairs in the office and keep our shredder up there as well. About half of our mail each day needs to be shredded, but it wasn’t really happening. All the papers were ending up on the floor next to the shredder.

We took the shredder downstairs and put it between the wall and the couch in the living room, where I usually sit to open the mail. We also put a trash can back there. Now I can open the mail, toss, and shred without getting up. Our paper problem has been solved.

Analyzing the problem areas in your house is vital. Walk through your house and notice what is and isn’t working. The areas that need help are the areas with clutter. Let your house and your habits point out solutions for you. Good luck!

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