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by Kelsey Norwood

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My young kids are constantly wanting to watch television shows on the internet. I usually let them watch one show a day after all their schoolwork and chores are done, but since they’re only 6 and 4, I don’t feel comfortable leaving them to their own devices for that half hour. It’s not like putting them in front of the TV for 30 minutes and knowing they’re only going to get the show that’s on, despite our conversations about internet safety, they could accidentally find anything with a few stray mouse clicks, and that scares me.

tv for kids online

So recently, when I heard about Kidoodle.TV, I was thrilled! A kid-safe, ad-free website with only programs that are appropriate for kids? Perfect! We have been trying it out for the last week and love it. Here’s why:

kidoodle tv

1. Time Limits–Each time I log in I can set a viewing time limit for that session. Usually we do 30 minutes. After that 30 minutes, the show shuts off and the parent’s pin number has to be re-entered to allow more time. This is one of my favorite features because, honestly…for the last 9 months of pregnancy I’ve been using their show time for my nap time…and I love knowing that even if I fall asleep and am not right there to make sure they don’t click around to find something else to watch or start a new episode, the show will shut off. I don’t have to be right there to do it! For the days I need a little more time I can adjust the time limit and they can watch for 45 or 60 minutes, whatever I need. But when the time is up, it’s up. It’s a much easier way to get them off the computer –it just stops working and there’s just nothing we can do about it!

online tv for kids

2. Child Profiles– I have created a single profile for both my older kids together because they usually want to watch the same thing, but there is a lot of flexibility within the profiles if I wanted to create separate accounts for my kids. The parental pin is required to switch between profiles so if you have accounts for kids in very different age groups they can’t switch back and forth. You completely avoid the situation where a younger child is watching something they shouldn’t be. The shows are organized by age group too which makes it easier to find something appropriate and appealing for kids of any age.

watch kids tv shows online safely

3. Variety–Most of the shows on Kidoodle.TV are older, which I love. They’re good, clean, classic kids shows and my kids love them. Their favorites right now are Inspector Gadget, Redwall, Mario Brothers, and Richard Scarry. They had never seen any of these shows before because they are older, so it’s a really nice variation from what they’re used to. We could keep busy with what’s available here for a good long time.

4. On-the-go — Kidoodle.TV is available for mobile devices so take it with you wherever you go! Sometimes it’s just what I need for an extra long wait at the Dr’s office or in a grocery store checkout line.

To learn more about Kidoodle.TV, check them out on FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest. Also, enter to win one of 3 iPad Minis being given away in March and April. All in all, Kidoodle.TV is just what we need for our young family: a safe and protected place for them to watch tv. They love it, I love it, and you’ll love it too! Click here to try it out FREE for 14 days and let me know what you think! If you love it, get 25% off a 1 year subscription (discount code BLOGHER25) through June 2014. Otherwise, it’s just $4.99 a month.

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