This room had a giant bare wall that was screaming for built-ins and we figured we could come up with some DIY something-or-other and we were right. We scoured the internet for built-in tutorials and found some pretty good ones that helped us, especially this one but we couldn’t find a tutorial that had doors. […]

We started our part time homeschooling this year and getting started is expensive! I wanted to try to simulate all the best and most fun parts of public school at home and involve my 4 year old who isn’t old enough for school, and a pocket chart calendar was a must. But they’re over $20 […]

Our new office is a long rectangular room perfect for a long desk and plenty of storage cabinets. I wanted to do a desk the full 15′ length of the room, so we made our own using unfinished oak kitchen cabinets from Home Depot.   We used two 18″ kitchen base drawer cabinets for sewing […]

I’ve been a little sparse lately. We’re building a house and trying to sell (thought we had sold, were halfway moved out and it fell through. We’re under contract again, hopefully it’s for real this time!) so my brain power has been monopolized by the stress of it all. I am still sewing, just not […]

I have altogether too many of my husband’s old shirts lying around, ruined by stains and yellowed sweat-stained collars, etc. As a result? The Man Shirt Grocery Bag Dispenser is born. Take that shirt and cut off its nasty collar. Turn shirt inside out and sew from the original side seam up through the shoulder […]

Linus was born at the very end of August and so he has been pretty newbornish this whole winter. Keeping him warm and bundled when we go out is obviously important, but putting him in the car seat that way is a nightmare. I made him a little fleece poncho so he could wear his […]

Are you a cardigan girl? I TOTALLY am. Before we begin, be sure to check out what other clothing re-purposing I’ve done–like this T-Shirt grocery bag video tutorial for example. Now back to the cardigan. This tutorial on Pinterest inspired me and I promise you that soon I will have more cardigans than is healthy for a girl. Here’s […]

I’ve been taking monthly photos of Linus, and usually some of all three at the same time…and I got this backdrop idea from my sister. You need: white sheet white icicle lights white fuzzy blanket I taped the strings of lights to a sheet and then the whole thing to the wall above our bed […]

Why would you ever get a store-bought Easter basket when there are so many cute and clever ideas for making your own? It does take more time and planning… I guess that’s probably why. But here are some more great Easter basket ideas for those with the creative itch! Easter Baskets Made From… 1. Fabric […]