Celebrations, Routines, & Traditions

Here’s a fun and super easy kitchen craft/treat you can make this week for Easter! With just a few ingredients, you can make delicious little chocolate birds’ nests. Chocolate Birds’ Nests 1 bag chocolate chips Chow mein noodles Easter candy 1. Melt chocolate chips in the microwave in 30 second intervals. 2. Stir chow mein […]

We learned a fun game at our local library’s story time that would be perfect for this year’s Easter party! How to Play Capture the Tail 1. Give each player a “bunny tail” by tucking a strip of toilet paper into the back of their pants. 2. Play just like tag except each player tries […]

Better Homes and Garden has tons of great Easter Easter craft ideas. I’ll be posting about some that we’ve done later this week, but here are some more favorites: 1. Easter Egg Garland 2. Easter Egg Door Decoration 3. Easter Treat Box 4. Flower Power Candy Cups 5. Felt Bunny and Chick And here are […]

Pin It I usually have all sorts of intentions before special occasions – I want to do all these fun things but never get around to it. This year I finished BOTH the birthday banner AND a birthday crown for my son BEFORE his actual birthday! I think I managed it because both projects were […]

I’ve never been into playing pranks, but I found some fun ideas I might just try this year. These kinds of things are always more fun when you have kids to tease! 1. Have breakfast or dessert for dinner. 2. Give your family a surprise shower. 3. Serve colored milk. 4. Switch the bags in […]

A few weeks ago I asked for some help with birthday traditions, and so many of you submitted some great ideas in the comments. I wanted to share with everyone what you shared with me, so here are some great ideas for birthday traditions: The birthday fairy visits to decorate the table and birthday child’s […]

We’re celebrating my son’s 2nd birthday soon, and I’m looking for some fun and new birthday tradition ideas. We’re just getting started with birthdays in our family, so I want to start some new traditions right away. I love the idea of having a special birthday crown for the birthday child, so I think we’ll […]

Strawberries are always a great choice for Valentine’s day. Whip up a Strawberry Parfait for you and your sweetheart for a quick breakfast this Valentine’s Day. Or pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream or anything else. You can’t go wrong. Strawberries and vanilla yogurt together are one of my favorite things to eat – I […]

I should not have posted my pathetic attempt at baking right next to a post about the wonderful things that can be found at Cafe Johnsonia. Alas, it is the week before Valentine’s day, and as is tradition, I made sugar cookies with all my wonderful new Wilton baking tools. That huge rolling pin and […]

Lindsey, my friend over at Cafe Johnsonia, is always concocting delicious creations, especially desserts. Throughout February she has posted some of her favorite Valentine’s dessert recipes, some of them originals. I wanted to share her amazing work with you! Cream-Filled Strawberries Red Velvet Bonbons Chocolate Cinnamon Heart Cookies Wow. Aren’t they beautiful? And I’m sure […]