Kid Stuff

We learned a fun game at our local library’s story time that would be perfect for this year’s Easter party! How to Play Capture the Tail 1. Give each player a “bunny tail” by tucking a strip of toilet paper into the back of their pants. 2. Play just like tag except each player tries […]

Pin It I usually have all sorts of intentions before special occasions – I want to do all these fun things but never get around to it. This year I finished BOTH the birthday banner AND a birthday crown for my son BEFORE his actual birthday! I think I managed it because both projects were […]

In my son’s nearly 2 years, he’s had 2 bloody noses in the middle of the night. Have you ever walked into your child’s bedroom in the middle of the night, half asleep, without your glasses, to sooth him back to sleep only to find his face covered in blood? Hmm? If you have children […]

Like I’ve said before, we’ve had the stomach flu at our house this week, and I have a few tips that will hopefully help the stomach flu pass with a little less trauma for your family. First, our pediatrician recommended Culturelle for the diarrhea (English’s most difficult word to spell), which has afflicted everyone in […]

My son and I discovered by accident what wonderful shakers/ noise makers those little packages of scrapbooking embellishments make. The little metal pieces, especially brads and eyelets, make different noises depending on the size and shape, and little hands love to shake and make noise! If you don’t want your child shaking your embellishments, take […]

Coloring is always fun, even for my 18-month old. I printed off our Halloween coloring page from this website, and there are lots of other great websites out there that offer coloring pages for all holidays and events. Here are two others I found: The important thing with all these kid’s craft and […]

I have been sick sick sick for the last week and my creativity is about as clogged as my nose. So I’ve found some really great things other people have done for Halloween and want to share their ideas with you. Plastic bag ghost from Etcetera JeriĀ  Halloween ornaments, decorated candles, and more from Mommies […]

I found some great ideas for Halloween games on this page and thought I’d share them with you! Halloween is not until Friday, so you still have plenty of nights to play these games with your family. We haven’t had a chance to do them yet, but they’re on the agenda for this week. […]

We have a monthly family party to celebrate all the birthdays that month. They’re always great fun with lots of good food and games. For our October/Halloween party, we played some old fashioned games that were really fun. The first gave was bobbing for apples, which is an old standard. If you haven’t done that […]

Blowing bubbles is one of the world’s greatest family activities. We went to the park last weekend to blow some bubbles with Joel and we all had a great time. I took some fabulous pictures to help inspire you to get out the wand and bubble solution and get light headed! Seriously, kids love bubbles, […]