Making Over

While we’re talking about folding things, I found this great video on how to fold a t-shirt in 2 seconds (via TipNut). What fun! What other folding tricks have I been missing out on? Please share!

Today I’m going to teach you a little something that should help you keep your linen closet a bit more sightly and orderly – how to properly fold a fitted sheet! Those fitted sheets can be a real pain, but not if you know how to fold them properly. I have produced a short video […]

I’ve always been a little jealous of a well planned/built pantry. There’s nothing more frustrating than bad planning when it comes to storage! We don’t have an actual pantry, but the Cansolidator Pantry by Shelf Reliance might be even better than the real thing, and you have a chance to win one! Shelf Reliance is […]

One of the best parts about having my own kitchen is getting to organize it however I want. With a little help from OXO, things are getting and staying pretty tidy… You could get to work on organizing your kitchen with this set too, because OXO has donated one 6 piece POP Container Set for […]

My kitchen giveaway has turned into a kitchen/kitchen organization giveaway, which is perfect for National Get Organized Month! This is the last heads up for the giveaway next week. Shelf Reliance will be giving away their Cansolidator Pantry to 3 different winners! Since we got back from our holiday vacation, I’ve also been really focused […]

I’m thrilled to share another giveaway item that will be up for grabs next week during our giveaway! We took a long vacation over Christmas and spent a month visiting my parents. When I got back, I was just itching to get organized – January is National Get Organized Month, you know… And I love […]

I had a bunch of great organizing ideas last year, didn’t I? Then why does my house still seem messy… Here’s Day 3’s great idea from last year! __________________________________________ My linen closet has been in serious need of attention. I love organizing, so figuring out a solution for the piles of sheets was a joyful […]

Recently I remodeled a cardboard food container into a pencil holder – an easy and fun project for all ages and spaces. I noticed that my night stand was constantly cluttered with pens/pencils, scraps of paper, etc and I wanted to organize that in a way that would fit the color scheme and theme of […]

I like to start out each year by remembering the best parts about the last year, so the first week of January 2009 on Vanilla Joy will be my best posts from last year! This first one was featured on Org Junkie, my favorite organizing resource, and that means it was pretty good… Enjoy! I’ve […]

A while ago a reader commented that I should write a post sharing my craft storage organization ideas and hope that you all comment and share yours so we can all learn from each other, so that’s what we’re going to do today. Because not everyone can have a Minibox for their craft storage/organization, having […]