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by Kelsey Norwood

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I wanted to put together a series of posts that talk about great baby products and toys for babies up to 1 year. To start with, I want to share some of my favorite baby products that I don’t think I could have survived early infancy without.

1. Boppy

safari boppy breast feeding pillow

A Boppy is a definite must have. My mom sewed a buckle on the open side so I could cinch the Boppy up around my waist so it stayed right where I needed it. If you can sew, I would really recommend sewing the buckle on – if you don’t have a buckle, it will slide down and be too low to be of any use, especially if you’re tall and there’s quite a distance between your “milk machines” and your lap.

You can buy a plain Boppy witih no cover for about $20 and then a cover for around $10 (full price – I got my cover at ShopKo for $8), or you can buy one with the cover sewn on. I recommend the removable covers because you’ll need to wash it.

My back and arms are very grateful for our Boppy!

(Available at Target, ShopKo, Babies R Us)

2. Nuk Pacifiers
gerber nuk button paficier

Of the gazillion different brands of pacifiers out there, Nuk is the best. The shape is most similar to a nipple and so they are more familiar and easy to suck on for the babies. We tried several different brands and Nuk was/is Joel’s favorite. Be sure to sterilize them before using by putting them in boiling water AND letting them cool completely off.

(Available anywhere)

3. The First Years Breastflow Bottle

breast flow bottle the first years

The First Years Breastflow bottle is THE BEST. The softer outer nipple closely resembles the breast so breastfed babies will be able to go easily between breast and bottle. There is a second nipple inside the soft outer one that slows down the flow of the milk, requiring the baby to suck more vigorously. If you are breastfeeding and give your baby a bottle of breast milk occasionally, you want to use a bottle that has a slow flow. If the milk comes too easily out of the bottle, baby might not be willing to suck vigorously enough when at the breast.

Also, the cap screws on the bottom of the bottle so you won’t lose it.

(Available at Target, Walmart, Babies R Us)

4. Bunting Bag

bunting bag

I didn’t have a Bunting Bag with Joel because he was born in the spring, and I plan to have all my babies in the spring, so I might never need one. However, if I ever were to have a surprise winter baby, I would get a Bunting Bag. You can zip up your little bundle so he or she stays warm and protected from wind and rain/snow. Actually, these kind of make me want to have a winter baby just so I can get one!

(Available at Target, Babies R Us)

5. Baby Bjorn Active Carrier

baby bjorn active carrier sporty black

We had the Baby Bjorn Original baby carrier first, but decided that we needed something more supportive. We got the active carrier off eBay and used it a ton during our son’s first summer. I used it in the airport when traveling without my husband, while hiking, shopping, and just around the house. The active carrier is really nice because it has a strap across your lower back to give more support.

I have learned that buying more expensive products from reputable companies pays off. I mentioned that we bought our carrier off eBay – one of the little red tabs for tightening the top came out of the seam. I could have easily sewn the piece back on myself, but I contacted the company to see what they would do. I sent them my carrier and they sent me back a brand new one! Just because that little tiny piece had come unsewn! That’s my kind of service.

(Available on eBay and Babies R Us)

6. Harmony Medela Manual Breast Pump

harmony medela manual breast pump

If you’re going to breastfeed, you need a good pump. The Harmony Medela pump is great because it has two pumping modes: let down and expression. You push down on the top of the handle to use the let down mode, which gives you shorter and faster pumping to stimulate let down. After your milk has started coming, you switch to expression mode by using the bottom of the handle to pump.

You can take this pump all the way apart to wash all the little pieces and get them sterilized and ready for the next use. I liked this one because it was comfortable, easy to use and clean, and provided strong enough suction to get my milk out without being painful.

(Available at Target, Babies R Us)

7. Countour Changing Pad

contour baby changing pad

A large changing pad is another must have. The contoured kind are great because it makes turning over a little bit more challenging. Babies like getting their diapers changed less and less as time goes on, and this pad helps keep them on their backs instead of crawling away. It’s soft and cushy and since you can buy fabric covers for them, they are easy to clean and aren’t too cold on baby’s bare skin.

(Available at Target, Walmart, Babies R Us)

8. Nursing Basket

nursing basket wicker basket with handle

Finally, assemble a nursing basket. Get a simple wicker basket with a handle and fill it with things you might need or want to have while nursing. If you have the phone, the TV remote, a book, a water bottle, a pen and some paper, a snack, and a burp cloth, you won’t have to get up and disrupt your baby’s meal. You should be able to sit and be comfortable and enjoy the bonding experience that breastfeeding offers.

(Available anywhere)

So that’s my list of must have baby items. I’ve used all of these myself (except the Bunting Bag) and have found them to be superior to other brands and products. I hope you like these products as much as I do!

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1 Juju at Tales of Whimsy.... June 7, 2011 at 2:04 pm

OMG I love this list. I’m a first timer and totally adding all these to my wish list.

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