Well, Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK! That means Christmas is practically here and I’m always scrambling last minute to find something suitable for nativity costumes (for church pageants, extended family parties, immediate family re-enactments…) So I figured it out – a cheap and easy shepherd costume we can use from now until the end of time. It cost […]

I asked my son’s kindergarten teacher if there was anything I could sew for the classroom, as that’s my specialty, and she said she would love to have a Goldilocks pinafore for the “Bear’s Cottage” rotation. A dress?!? My pleasure. I used McCall’s pattern M6187 and made just a few slight changes. The pattern is […]

I can always find tons of great clearance clothing deals in every size but the one I wear. I found this super cute tank at Old Navy for dirt cheap but it was a size XXL. I bought it anyway, thinking maybe I could resize it aaaand Project: Success!! I found another tank that fits […]

I just got back from a quick trip to LA to visit my sister AND visit the Fashion District. I hated LA but I might be willing to live there for the fabric.  I came home with plenty of fabric (mostly knits) to experiment with and develop some rockin’ patterns and tutorials. I’m going to […]

A big factor in my new found love of Halloween has to do with themed costumes. I don’t think we’ll ever go back, at least if I can get the kids to keep playing along! And since I feel like I’m running a circus most of the time, that’s what we decided to go with for Halloween […]

I’m FINALLY finished sewing costumes! Some adorable little suspenders were the last touch for Gus’s clown costume and are absolute necessities for a dozen other costumes as well. Fact is folks, you need yourself some suspenders. Am I right?!? So make some already! It’ll only take you 30 minutes. Ish. Here’s what you’ll need: 1/4 yard […]

We are a little bit into super heroes right now. It’s my fault – Elliot’s prize for finishing reading lessons was a 5-pack of super hero easy reader books from Costco. So yeah. Batman for Halloween. Halloween aside, this Nearly No-Sew cape is so easy (nearly no-sew, in fact), that it’s a great little piece […]

Get the pattern. Get the tutorial. Tie the tie. Repeat.

I’ve posted a handful of times about these adorable boys neck ties I’ve been making by the handful but I have yet to do a full tutorial. Since I just drew up all my own neck tie patterns, a real, full-blown tutorial is in order. MATERIALS iron 1/8 yard fabric for tie front 1/8 yard […]

I have altogether too many of my husband’s old shirts lying around, ruined by stains and yellowed sweat-stained collars, etc. As a result? The Man Shirt Grocery Bag Dispenser is born. Take that shirt and cut off its nasty collar. Turn shirt inside out and sew from the original side seam up through the shoulder […]