I don’t have a picture of this one because we’ve been over run by delicious desserts this week. (I made Pioneer Woman’s blackberry cheesecake…it’s rich and fabulous, and we’re slowly working our way through it.) But here’s another great popcorn recipe. Peanut Butter Popcorn 1/2 c. popcorn, popped Boil equal amounts of brown sugar, peanut […]

Popcorn is my favorite pregnancy snack right now, and I love to make it in lots of variations. My favorite is kettle corn. I use a Whirley-Pop – it makes delicious popcorn and is so much healthier than the microwave kind. Popcorn really is kind of healthy. Lots of fiber at least… Anyway, here’s how […]

After a hard day with the kids, I desperately needed to busy myself with something delicious. Strawberry short (actually pound) cake it was. I was supposed to mash up the strawberries and spoon them over the cake, but it had been such a horrible day that I missed that detail in the instructions. Would have […]

My kids LOVE to eat fun shapes, so we whipped up some delicious blueberry muffins using two different Wilton pans, the Blossom Brownie Pops and Mini Star Pan, to change it up a little. The Blossom Brownie pan is silicone, so it’s super easy to get your muffins or brownies out as long as you […]

Strawberries are starting to sort of go on sale in stores, and that means SUMMER IS COMING! Not a moment too soon… I dug some frozen strawberries out of my freezer to clear some space and make some cooked jam. Strawberry is one of my favorites, and using ClearJel is so much cheaper than pectin. […]

Did you know you can use the back of a cookie sheet as a makeshift pizza stone? Just heat it up really good in the oven first. Brilliant. That’s another great tip from the America’s Test Kitchen Healthy Family Cookbook. Best. Cookbook. Ever.

Now do you believe me when I say I’m no artist? I’ve said it before, I am creative but not artistic. Here’s the proof. The dinosaur looks a little scary (because I’m no artist) but my 4 year old thought it was the best thing ever for his birthday. Mission accomplished. The Best Frosting I’ve […]

We love homemade pizza. And really, it’s not that hard. I’m sure you think it’s harder than it is. In fact, I think it’s one of the easiest meals to make a ton to freeze leftovers for easy lunches. One thing I do to make the whole process that much easier is make a whole […]

I go between craving salads and sandwiches. Sandwiches are the thing right now. I like my sandwiches hot, with melty cheese and gooey creamy dressing… But I don’t have a panini grill. You don’t have one either? It’s okay. A waffle iron works just as well. And instead of those vertical grill lines, you get […]

I plan our meals for the coming week on Sunday night. Sometimes I cart an armful of cookbooks up to my bedroom and do it in bed. It’s a task I enjoy and one that always leaves my mouth watering and my stomach wanting. Not the best bedtime activity I suppose… Most of my recipes […]