I recently got to try out Wilton’s brand new line of premium bakeware called the “UltraGold” collection, so I made a Devil’s Food Cake with peanut butter frosting from The America’s Test Kitchen Baking book. (my FAVORITE cookbook in the world, by the way… I got mine at Costco.) I’ll be posting the recipe soon. […]

My little Elliot, blesshisheart, just can’t help himself with the markers. He colored on my precious MiniBox not once, but twice! I should have moved the markers after the first time, but I figured we’d all learned our lesson. If a 2 year old is quiet it’s not luck. It’s mischief. Every time. He did […]

Having a newborn again means we’re back to doing lots of laundry. With all the burp cloths (my baby’s a spitter), soiled onesies, blankets, and sheets, we’re doing at least a load a day. That’s a lot for only a 4 person family! To make our laundry sorting and folding easier, I’ve started putting baby […]

I love finding new uses for household items. We love to use plastic travel soap dishes for containers for all sorts of things. They are the perfect size for crayons, chalk, playing cards, magnets, little craft supplies, snacks, and much more. The best part about soap dish containers is that you can throw them in […]

Two of you fabulous readers left great comments on last Thursday’s post about making color/shape flash cards. Kellie suggested getting paint chips from a home improvement store to use as color flash cards. The Mickey Mouse shaped ones are even more fun for the kids, and they’re free! Annette says she cuts out shapes by […]