I took a nice long break from quilts, and this Jack’s Blocks pattern was a fun one to get back into quilting with. My stash has grown in the meantime so…it’s time. I had a handful of Michael Miller quilting cotton prints to use for this quilt – Dino Dudes, a few from the new […]

I FINALLY quilted and bound this pirates fabric quilt – and now Riley Blake has a brand new Pirate Matey’s line that I think I like even better! Of course…I love it all! Linus just can’t keep himself out of trouble. All over that hangy blanket was where he HAD to be. I tried something […]

  I am FINALLY getting around to finishing up some quilts. This is the Ginger Blossoms fabric from Michael Miller from a while ago. I decided to do a tulip stipple design and tried marking the design on the fabric BEFORE basting the whole thing together which is a very good idea. I used a […]

I tried a new basting method on my Riley Blake pirates quilt and loved it. I found this video on YouTube and tried her method and it was so fabulous. It takes time to put together and do, but it’s so easy to quilt and remove the basting when you’re finished and no poking myself […]

  I finished this pirate quilt top ages ago using the very cute line for Riley Blake by Emily Taylor. I just saw that she has a brand new Pirate Matey’s line coming in October and I think I like it even better than this one! But I always say that… I finally got around […]

2011 was a busy year. Here are some of my favorite projects and tutorials from last year:                                                                             […]

I love Michael Miller’s Citron Gray collection so much…I bought some more fabric to make ANOTHER lap quilt AND a baby quilt. I finished this little 36″ x 36″ quilt for Linus specifically to use in the car seat when we’re out and about. I love this simple pattern – here’s basically what I did: […]

Since I discovered that my second true love is quilting, I’ve been researching and trying all kinds of different products. Here are some of my favorites: Silicone Spray Spray and wipe off for a super slippery sewing table surface, which makes machine quilting so much easier! I got this stuff at Walmart and tested it […]

**Click here for a favorite quilt basting method update** I decided to try machine quilting my Citron Gray quilt – so far I have quilted inside each of the wonky pieces just following the seam lines, and I love how it turned out. I used a walking foot and it wasn’t too difficult or awkward […]

Remember this quilt? I don’t have a name for it yet, I’m horrible at naming things…the fabric is Joel Dewberry’s Heirloom in Sapphire. This was my first go at designing on the wall, and I’m sold on that method all the way. I hung up a spare king sized flannel sheet on the wall and […]